The Penny Drops

Growing up I would have heard this in a sarcastic tone when I finally understood something. Nowadays it might come to mind after lying awake for hours before remembering that I’d had a coffee during the day.

Today I’m thinking of it in relation to the tennis player finally deported from Australia because his visa wasn’t valid. So many countries are now banning anyone who isn’t Covid double vaccinated from entering their country and I wonder if the penny has finally dropped that his anti-vaccination stance could mean he’ll never get to beat the record for most Grand Slam victories.

Blogging everyday of January

My Passion

My passion isn’t the in-your-face flaming kind, more like glowing, red hot coals!

My feet are firmly planted in the soil and I need a natural environment around me. Despite all the “amazing images” of outer planets I think Earth is the most astonishing of them all and I wish that more nations were committed to looking after it rather than exploiting and polluting it. My own country is completely demolishing entire ranges of hills in the pursuit of wealth from minerals.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the enormity of what is happening but I believe everyone can do their bit to make a difference. I try to improve my immediate environment by planting and tending, recycling whatever materials I can, making use of the things I have for as long as possible before replacing them and making a conscious effort to limit my contribution to landfill.

I’m afraid that if nothing is done to remediate the damage being caused by “human civilization” Earth will become a planet no longer able to sustain currently living things from tiny bugs to fish, forests and human beings.

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