Things You Didn’t Know About Nana

Today on the Zero to Hero challenge it’s been suggested that we bloggers set up a regular feature so I’ve decided to have a go at a weekly post called “Things You Don’t Know About Nana”. If ever I let slip even a very mild expletive my grandchildren always appear absolutely shocked but if I point out that I’ve heard them say worse I’m told, “But Nana, we don’t expect that from you!”

I’ve thought to myself of the many things they don’t know about me, some which might shock them but hopefully more that might amuse them. I’m hoping that I can come up with 52 things, one for each week and Wednesday is my chosen day for posting though I did pop one in yesterday.

I would love to hear stories from others. For younger followers the title might have to be changed to, “What I Know About My Nana”!  I’m very new to this aspect of blogging but think the best way for me to read any of your stories is by a link to your blog with your comment.

4 thoughts on “Things You Didn’t Know About Nana

  1. I wish that (1) my grandmothers were still around and (2) they had blogs like this — I’m sure they had so, so many stories! I’m sure your family — and the rest of us — will love these!

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