Trouble on the Tram Track

I think I might have been in about Grade 3 when I had a bit of a buster on my way home from school. After we moved from Henley Beach to Fulham (The area is Fulham Gardens now) I had to get to school by tram. We walked the 200 metres to the tram stop at the Tapley’s Hill Road, Henley Beach Road intersection then the tram went right down the middle of Henley Beach Road and across the viaduct after the “S” bend.  We got off just near Fry’s Butcher Shop then we walked the 500 metres to school.

Coming home one day I was a bit late and saw the tram at the stop so I ran but when I was crossing the tram lines I tripped and fell banging my knee on the steel tram track. My case flew open and I had the added embarrassment of everything spilling out. I was directly in front of the tram so the driver would have seen it all.

I don’t remember struggling the 200 metres home from the tram stop but I do remember being home from school for a few days. I can vividly see myself sitting on a potty with my rigid right leg stuck out straight, I couldn’t bend the knee at all so couldn’t walk out to the toilet. It’s possible a doctor came to the house to see me but I doubt it and I certainly would remember if I’d been taken for Xrays.  Scans weren’t invented then so it was just a case of getting over it.


You didn’t know that about Nana did you?

This tram is heading west. going home was east but it's at the stop near Fry's Butcher Shop.

This tram is heading west. Going home was east but it’s at the stop near Fry’s Butcher Shop.


Does this ring any bells with you?

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