Scared of the Dark

When I was young I was really scared in the dark.  Jaynie & I slept in a front room and I would lie awake at night thinking that if anyone broke in we’d be the first room they’re come into.  I lay awake and dreamed up all kinds of ways to stay safe, like climbing on top of the door so when they opened it I’d be up high and they wouldn’t see me.  Another idea was a secret compartment under the bed but then I decided if they were for sale the bad people would know about them anyway.  When I became too frightened to stay in bed I’d climb into bed with Jaynie, who was 3 years younger, and I’d be angry with her for not being frightened and just being able to sleep peacefully.

I was probably about 12 when I moved to the little bedroom closest to the back door and then I imagined that no one would manage to get in the heavy, front door they’d come in the back which wasn’t even locked.  The first bedroom they’d come to would be mine!  Another scary thing about that room was the manhole, in the dark I imagined someone coming down out of the manhole in the middle of the night.  I gained some comfort from the old clock chiming down the hours till daylight.The only time I felt safe was when I could persuade Mick, the dog, to sleep in my room.


If it was still light I was always convinced I’d be fine in the house even if it did get dark so when I was about 14 one week when Dad drove Mum to set up the flowers in the church I insisted on staying home.  Darkness came and the noises started in the old house.  I was terrified and trying to hold my breath by the time they arrived back home.   As soon as they walked in I dissolved into tears.


You didn’t know that about Nana did you?



The scary old house.

Does this ring any bells with you?

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