Can you imagine going off to the beach for a whole day without any adult supervising you? Having such freedom these days only happens when you are a teenager but when I was growing up it was a normal summer occurrence. For the first 6 years of my life I lived at Henley Beach and it was only a 2 or 3 minute walk to The Esplanade. On the foreshore there was a brown, brick kiosk with big steps going down from the road to a lower section then down again to the beach. If we wanted a more exciting day we’d walk up to Henley Square where you could buy Fish and Chips though I think giant Bush Biscuits were what usually sustained us.

One day for some reason lots of little crabs were scuttling across the sand and we had great fun catching them and watching their mouth parts moving and their little legs frantically scrabbling to get free. Great fun until one managed to get hold of my thumb with a claw. OUCH! I shook my hand madly and the crab was dislodged but not its claw. With only one hand to do it there was no way I could get the latched on claw off my tortured thumb. I guess I was running to find a big brother to get it off when a nice lady responded to my tears and removed the claw. I imagine the thumb went straight into my mouth then, according to Dad that was always the best way to make it feel better.


You didn’t know that about Nana did you?


Henley Beach – Not 1950s fashion though.

bush biscuit


Confused and Confusing Plum

We have a Plum Tree in our garden and if we’re very lucky around Christmas time we have a lovely crop to enjoy. Last Christmas we managed to get very few becuase the parrots were relentless and although I had net over the branches the little devils managed to find their way under it and ruined most of the fruit. Plum season is now long gone for us and the tree has lost all it’s leaves but by some strange quirk there are 5 plums on it. Because there are no leaves and the plums are now bright pink/red they stand out like Belisha Beacons but there is not a single bird peck on any of them. Maybe you think it’s because they’re obviously not ripe yet but I can assure you that doesn’t deter the parrots one little bit. In season, they attack the fruit long before any average person could possibly enjoy the taste. I might be wrong but I think that, like me, the birds know it isn’t the season for plums so they just ignore the tree despite the bright coloured fruit.


Why is there any fruit at all on the tree? We did have a prolonged summer but I still wouldn’t have thought the conditions were right for the new blossoms to appear. If anyone knows the reason I’d love to hear it.