Brain Fade

In 1971 after spending months hitchhiking I was fed up with being reliant on others to get me where I wanted to go. I decided I’d like a solid, big BMW motorbike with panniers for my stuff. Then I found work in Scotland, met Papa and eventually decided Trail bikes were more fun. In 1972 I settled on a nice, new, yellow Yamaha Trail bike, a 125cc – quite a difference from the BMWs which I fancied, they were about 650cc! Papa and I went to a dealer in Aberdeen and there I discovered that they didn’t make the 125s in yellow so I had to settle for blue. The bike was ordered and a few weeks later we went on the train to pick it up, I came back up the coast to Inverness then back down the main road to Aviemore.


When it was time for the first service I went by myself and took the “short cut” a road through Tomintoul  over the hills. The bike clothes I had were just jeans, an anorak made of thin, synthetic, shower proof material with polyester filling and my gloves were vinyl. There was snow about on the hills and it was cold. Very, very  cold.  Before I made it to Aberdeen I was feeling quite “out of it” with cold but luckily I still had sense enough to stop and get off the bike. I lay down on the grass and put my gloved hands beside the exhaust pipe, I stayed there long enough for my head to clear then got back on the bike and made my way to Aberdeen.

I didn’t come back home over the hills but took the long way round and had no trouble with a freezing brain!

You didn’t know that about Nana did you?

Typical 1970s photo colours, you can't even see the blue of the bike.
Typical 1970s photo colours, you can’t even see the blue of the bike.

Girl Power

When I started school at 5 my oldest brother, Ricky, would have been 10, a “big boy” and one day after school I was waiting for him to walk home with me. There was no gradual introduction to school,  you started at the beginning of the year when you were 5 and your first day was a full day.  No leaving early because you were just a new little kid.


I was waiting for Ricky up towards the front gate and he was playing on the oval with some friends. Another big boy came up and talked to me, maybe he called me “Squirt” or “Squib” whatever he said I was offended and I started kicking him in the shins. He let out a big yell, “Hey, Deland come and get your sister off me!” It makes me smile to think about it, all these years later I still remember exactly what he shouted and I still don’t understand why he couldn’t get away from a little 5 year old girl.


You didn’t know that about Nana did you?

HP grade1
This is the one and only Grade 1 Class of 1952, not a combination of several as you might think.