The Lost Child

Henley Beach in the 1950s was a very different place, there were fewer shops, quieter roads and everyone knew everyone else. I would probably have been about 2 or 3 the day I got “lost”. Maybe it was after Jaynie was born and Mum was busy with the new baby so it was a while before she realized she had no idea where I was. She searched the house and the yard but there was no sign of me so then she moved further afield and I guess panic set in. All the neighbours became involved.

We lived not far from the beach and tramline then across the road and up a bit were paddocks and in one was the black stallion, “Mercury”. I guess everyone would have been visualising the worst scenario until someone glanced back at the house and saw the little face at the window fascinated by all the activity.  I was standing between the couch and the window so maybe when Mum looked around the house I was actually poking about behind the couch, who knows?


You didn’t know that about Nana did you?

Do I look as though I’d deliberately hide?