Day 10   Prompt: Future, Form: Sonnet, Device: Chiasmus

I haven’t managed to fit in any word reversals but in a way I feel the whole poem covers a reversal so that’s my compromise.


Earth to Earth

The land has suffered from man’s greed

Upturned, denuded ground

No respect for Mother Nature

Just took whate’er they found

But all too soon the day will come

When Earth’s no place to be

For those who live the high-tech life

And elsewhere they will flee


But those who live a simple life

Will tend the Earth again

Enrich her soil, embrace her sun

Cherish her blessed rain.



Day 9: Prompt: Landscape, Form: Found Poetry, Device: Enumeratio

The Mitcham council area is divided roughly into the hills and plains. Both areas have many street trees but the hills area is characterized by dense sections of trees and shrubs. Feral Olives are a pest in some parts, covering the hillsides. Their thick leaf coverings disguise the damage they cause in gullies. Feral Olives create a serious fire risk. The trees burn ferociously and destroy the shelter provided by native plants to birds and other animals. Lorikeets, Wattlebirds, Magpies and Currawongs are all found in the Mitcham hills.

Residents are discouraged from removing spiky, native shrubs such as Kangaroo Thorn as these protect smaller birds such as Wrens, Spinebills,  Silvereyes  and.Pardalotes

Grey Box Trees, although not considered as attractive as some other species of Eucalypts, sustain many Koalas and residents must seek council approval before removing any of these Trees.