Day 10   Prompt: Future, Form: Sonnet, Device: Chiasmus

I haven’t managed to fit in any word reversals but in a way I feel the whole poem covers a reversal so that’s my compromise.


Earth to Earth

The land has suffered from man’s greed

Upturned, denuded ground

No respect for Mother Nature

Just took whate’er they found

But all too soon the day will come

When Earth’s no place to be

For those who live the high-tech life

And elsewhere they will flee


But those who live a simple life

Will tend the Earth again

Enrich her soil, embrace her sun

Cherish her blessed rain.

4 thoughts on “Future

  1. very true. Already there are pockets of people living a simpler life… both individually and in small groups. I am sure this will grow and change will come not from those we elect to govern us but from people.

  2. Like your take on the concept of the whole piece being a reversal–a welcome and beneficial one for us all. Not that I don’t enjoy creature comforts when they can be enjoyed apart from greed and destruction of others and in cooperation with nature… Well done.

    • Thanks for commenting. Already I think in a small way people are making changes and here in Australia I think market demand, or lack of it, is having some impact on the mining industry. I WISH the government would totally embrace renewable energy here, the terrifying thing for me is that in South Australia they’re discussing the possibility of nuclear energy with all it’s horrendous waste.

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