Mothers’ Day

In Australia next Sunday is Mothers’ Day and as soon as I remembered that I thought of a photo I haven’t seen for a long time. It was worth searching for it.


This photo reminds me of a breakfast that’s burnt into my memory. I did think it was a Mothers’ Day breakfast-in-bed but the tag on it says July 1980 however the impact was the same whatever the occasion. I was treated to dry toast and Vegemite, it was too hard for the kids to manage butter, and a drink of STRONG orange cordial. I’m certain I feigned great enthusiasm for my meal and carried out the important tastings but I know I couldn’t eat it all. I remember Alex telling me I had to eat it because they’d been so excited about making it but I just couldn’t finish it.

The kids would have been 5 and 3. The photo also reminds me of the house we’d bought the year before. The previous owner had a red theme going and even the toilet had a red seat. It was a very happy time for us, we’d stayed for a year with my parents after coming from Scotland and it was so nice to be in our own home again.

Does this ring any bells with you?

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