Bottle Top



This bottle top reminds me of an ad that we used to hear on the radio when I was a kid. The jingle was, “Woodies lemonade, the best ade made!”  Apparently Woodroofes was first made in South Australia in 1878 and until the multinationals came onto the scene it was the only carbonated drink we ever saw.

We rarely had any fizzy drinks even on birthdays so it was very exciting to get some and to feel the bubbles tickling my nose.

For birthdays we’d get cordial but most of the time we just drank water. If there were plenty of oranges or lemons on our trees we’d make up a jug of diluted juice.

When I was at secondary school, friends and I would sometimes go to “Speddings Milk Bar” which was close to the school. We’d each order a “Spider” which was a fizzy drink with a scoop of icecream in it. The most wicked one was made with Coke. I don’t think kids these days ever have Spiders, maybe they simply have more sophisticated tastes!

2 thoughts on “Bottle Top

  1. I remember a soft drink called “orange crush” Give me a blazing hot prairie afternoon, and a bottle of orange crush, and I’d feel I was in heaven!

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