House Number

At last there is something back on the pole which has been standing unadorned for some years!



Bottle Garden

In January 2015 I was inspired to start a bottle garden after seeing this post by Woodland Gnome. I decided to go with a closed system because it’s a constant reminder of how our earth operates. Last week I was thrilled to see a little flower blooming in the mini-world.

The ecosystem in January 2015

The ecosystem in January 2015



The first flower opened in February 2016

I think the difference in leaf colour is due to flash being used in the second photo but I’ll do some research on fertilizing in a closed system in case something is missing in the soil.

Mosaic Butterfly


Once again I had trouble with the adhesive I mixed so I won’t use it again. I was a little disappointed that the green glass beads don’t reflect as nicely as the others but I’m satisfied that I’m learning more with each mosaic I make. This one is hanging at the back of the fern garden for now.