Times Past: Childhood Toys

This is my response to Irene Waters prompt about Childhood Toys

I’m a “Baby Boomer” and live in the city of Adelaide, South Australia.

The theme set me thinking. The only toy I could remember having was a doll I called, “Kelvin”. I insisted it was a boy doll simply because it had very little hair but I don’t remember playing with it much. My Nana also gave me a knitted black doll with multicoloured stripy body and wild woolly hair. I feel reticent to say it but they were very common and called, “Golliwogs”. In Adelaide at that time we never saw anyone with dark skin and to me it was like a cute alien and much cuddlier than the bigger, less pliable doll. I did find a very posed photo of me with some toy rabbits but they look pristine and I’m sure they were never playthings.


My grandfather made us little wooden carts but they were kept at his home.


I’m one of five children and when I couldn’t think of any other toys I asked my brother about it, he agreed we didn’t have toys. There was a model steam engine which Dad would occasionally bring out and show us how it worked but no one actually got to play with it. Probably just as well or we’d have been burnt.

When I was a teenager Dad went to Japan and brought home a colourful rooster which he loved, I think it crowed and pecked but we didn’t play with that either. He kept it in his room and would bring it out to show it off, everyone got a laugh out of it……. except maybe Dad’s grand-niece who doesn’t look too thrilled in this photo.


In reality I don’t think we missed toys, we found too much to do outside.