It’s just a Lucky Dip!

Have you stopped for a moment to think today?

I use this blog to express my opinion on issues and share experiences that suddenly seem worth thinking about. I’m not working so it would be lovely to have interactions with others who have opinions too.

I’d like you to relate in some way to the topic, maybe your experiences have been totally different, maybe you’ve never experienced anything like it, maybe you’ve never given it a second thought before. I’d be delighted if you’d take the time to leave a comment about what you think.

I’ve travelled, created my own little family, worked as apricot cutter, teacher, table cleaner, barmaid, housemaid, clay animal maker, wife, mother, grandmother, am constantly working on a garden with critter homes and sewn about half a Family Tree wall hanging. I’ve done courses in computing, photography and welding.

I’m a Nature lover, photographer, family female (definitely NOT femme fatale), temporary traveler, and marginal claustrophobic. This is my place to express,  to relate,  to question and  to share memories. I’d love you to join me blogging.


11 thoughts on “About”

  1. We have a lot in common! Except that I have not yet done a welding course…. My partner and I joke that when I do a welding course, he will have to learn to sew!!!

  2. What is an apricot cutter? Is it getting the stone out of the fruit? Sorry to be dense but I’m in the UK and it’s not a job description I recognise! 🙂 Am just off to read some of your posts, I surfed in via the Reader I think.

    1. Nice to see you visiting. Here in Australia apricots are always separated into two halves before they’re dried unlike the Turkish ones we also get. When I worked on the fruit block (farm) we just used a small knife and followed the crease line in the apricot. It was important to cut along the crease line because that made sure no juice ran out when they were drying. In the factory there was a thin metal piece attached to a bench and we spun the apricot around that to split it in half.

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