Change the World? Who? Me?

When I saw this prompt I thought, “Yeah Right! What could I possibly say?”

Unfortunately I’m not spreading a pandemic of World Peace nor making momentous discoveries that will reverse Global Warming but

I am doing my little bit.

Planting around our home:

and encouraging a respect for nature in a new generation.

You can see larger images if you click on any one of these.


My Play List

If I want to listen to music I switch on my little Sound System, choose one of the more than 100 CDs we own and set it playing. The spinners full of audio tapes never get taken off the shelf and neither did the records until last year when I bought a Record Player so I could create audio files from them.

I have saved music files to a USB storedrive for when we go traveling because we often can’t get radio reception. I’ll consider that my “music playlist”. When you travel over thousands of kilometres it’s astonishing how quickly the songs come around so I keep adding more and deleting recordings of live performances unless I’ve been able to trim out the annoying parts.

There are too many songs I like so I’ll just list some of the artists. Country Music is a given when you’re driving in the Outback and I enjoy listening to Don Williams, James Taylor, Kris Kristofferson and Glen Campbell.

I have a variety of music though and other artists I like are Dr Hook, Creedance Clearwater, Judy Small, Jennifer Rush, The Dubliners, James Galway, Paul Simon, Toni Childs, Trio and Rod Stewart.

I’m sure most people participating in Bloganuary will be thinking, “Who are these people???”