If I’m in outback Australia my overwhelming feeling is of complete awe. Across the entire sky are millions of stars with the band of the Milky Way clearly visible from horizon to horizon. Probably closely following on that is frustration that despite many attempts I’ve never managed to capture a decent photo but as I think about it now I realise no photo can capture the immensity or the feeling of being completely enclosed by the sky.

I never wish I could travel to the stars, I’m content to see their glory from Earth.

Stargazing also brings back childhood because rather then search for the Southern Cross, an image apparently so significant it appears on our country’s flag, I search for, “The Saucepan”. Growing up the whole family liked to sit outside on a Summer’s night looking at the stars, all of us trying to be the first to spot, “The Saucepan”. None of us were looking for Orion’s belt and sword!

Of course, seeing the Evening Star this always pops into my head:

Starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight,

I wish I may, I wish I might,

Have the wish, I wish tonight.

Image of “The Saucepan” alias, Orion found here:


What Tree am I?

My roots spread out underground in every direction, always searching for water.

My trunk is straight but rough with multitudes of creases in the bark.

My branches spread gnarly, twisted stems and twigs

My canopy is sparse and lets the light shine through.

That means I should possibly look like this but I feel more of an affinity with the image below.