It’s Bugging Me!

I’m trying to participate in each task of the Zero to Hero Challenge but don’t feel I’ve been very successful with the last few but here’s my compromise for today. You can find out about the challenge by clicking on the logo to the left.

I am not an entomologist, just someone interested in critters I see in my yard so if you know the names of the bugs please feel free to tell me. Clicking on a photo will enlarge it and take you to a Slideshow.


Fear of Bushfire

Another hot day today, the third, I think, in a row well over 40deg C and tomorrow is more of the same before a cool change. We do what we can, and what Council allows, to lessen the risk, but we live in a hilly area with narrow, twisting roads leading out to the main road which takes us down the hill to safety. It only takes someone to think it would be a lark to light a little fire then sit back and watch the mayhem. It doesn’t even need to be that. A few years ago during a similar heatwave with hot northerly winds I saw someone across our gully squat down near the base of a tree and make flicking movements with his hands, like you do when you strike a match. I was horrified and phoned the Police but before they arrived a train came and the person obviously got on the train. When the policeman arrived he asked me to show him where the guy was. We walked around the road skirting the gully until we reached the tree. I didn’t see any sign of burning so was feeling a bit sheepish but the Policeman scratched around at the base of the tree and found a little metal box containing some “grass”. The guy obviously had a smoke before he hopped on the train but if his match or his butt had landed on the dry litter it could have easily started a fire with dire consequences. He probably would have been blissfully unaware.

Some people say we’re mad to live in the hills but we have wildlife to enjoy, space lovely space and the convenience of being just 20mins from Adelaide CBD on the train. There is a major hospital just 5mins down the road, a big shopping complex and the beach about 10mins away so we think it’s a wonderful place to live……. until days like today, then I do a rethink!

We do have a “Bushfire Plan”, it’s to get out! Many people have died in bushfires because smoke reduced visibility to zero and they crashed their cars on narrow twisting roads, I don’t want to be in that situation. The problem is knowing when to go so I sit here in the cool air-conditioned room hoping that it won’t be today.

Our Place
Our Place