Invasive Roots

My dad had a lovely Crepe Myrtle Tree so when I saw dwarf ones were available I bought one and planted it in a big concrete pot. It died. I dug it out and discovered tree roots had invaded the pot and starved the poor tree of water and nutrients. I decided to have another go with a big metal tub which I placed on weed mat. The new Crepe Myrtle died. Today I dug that out and emptied the tub only to find the central hole completely clogged with roots which have grown up through the weed mat. From now on I’m going to make sure that all my pots sit either off the ground or on some solid base!



Life in the Compost Bin

Recently I noticed thousands of slaters in one of my compost bins so I did a bit of research. One view was that if you had slaters and ants your pile was too dry and if there were flies it was too wet. Another said if you have slaters and cockroaches your pile is fine, they’re doing the decomposting for you, I prefer to believe that site but I do sometimes add some water. Yesterday I added scraps to another bin then checked the “ripest” one and just loved all the activity going on in there so here are some photos from that community. My favourite is the ant, not just because it’s beautiful but because I’ve never seen any like it before.

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