Finding the Greener Grass

Over the last few years I’ve travelled thousands of kilometres across Australia and probably another thousand around Scotland. This past weekend I travelled just 390kms to Beachport and once again was reminded of the beautiful places close to home. So often we fall into the trap of thinking to have a good holiday you need to travel far but we certainly don’t.  Around Beachport there were bushwalks and wetlands to explore, beautiful beaches and judging by the number of boats around, excellent fishing. One morning we watched a big Cray-fishing boat come in to the jetty to offload its catch. I wish we’d remembered to buy some before we left.

Now that we’re back home we’ve decided to check out other places within just a 1 hour drive.

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Are Koalas the Ultimate Pacifists?

This morning I’ve had a horrible experience. We live in a bushy environment on a very large suburban block without houses right beside us. For days we’ve had a Koala sitting in trees in our yard, last night he was lying back against a branch, legs outstretched like an old man in his favourite armchair. About half an hour ago my dogs were going ballistic and when I went out the neighbours’ dog had the Koala and was intent on killing it. The koala had come down from the tree and gone over the 6’ high fence into the dog’s yard. Eventually I managed to get the neighbour’s attention and he was able to get the dog away from the Koala.

What I just don’t understand is WHY Koalas don’t recognise danger and WHY they don’t use their claws to protect themselves. I can accept that fear of people and all the threats associated with them is just not inherent in Koalas but other creatures manage to learn over generations. Here in Australia In a relatively short time Crows have learned to flip over introduced Cane Toads so that they can eat them without ingesting the poison which lies in a gland on their backs. WHY haven’t Koalas learned in all the years since people came to this land that barking dogs represent a threat and WHY haven’t they learned to use their long, strong, sharp claws????

A Koala looking so laidback.
A Koala looking so laidback.