Naked Ladies

When I drove down the road this morning I couldn’t help but notice Naked Ladies were out. Now before some of you get too excited I’ll point out that Naked Ladies are the Belladonna lily (Amaryllis belladonna). The reason I was surprised to see them is that they are also called, “Easter Lillies” and it’s still January.

To me it seems very early for them but I don’t have any growing in my garden so I can’t be sure they don’t always flower at this time. Maybe someone who does have them in their garden can tell me if they really are an indication of a strange season.


2 thoughts on “Naked Ladies

  1. I dont know about naked ladies but up here in Qld my tangelo has had three distinct lots of flowers and fruit. My ginger still hasnt produced its beehive flowers. and I had broccoli up until mid november which is unheard of up here. I wonder if the naked ladies would grow in a pot in qld… i do like the surprise of their arrival.

  2. Hey, nice to have you back again! Last year our Plum Tree had a few fruit way out of season but I think that was all. The Naked Ladies/Easter Lilies surely should flower in March or April?

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