The Fingers

My fingers are the link

A common feature that guaranteed

He was my father

And the same for him back through the ages.

Over the years it gave me comfort

Of all his children I had the most obvious link

The connection

Some people ask, “Did you break it?”

“No”, I say, “They’re both the same. It’s genetic.”

And now the babies come

With each new arrival I check the fingers

The sign always makes me smile.

It’s our connection

To our past

To the future.

3 thoughts on “The Fingers

  1. I don’t have the same fingers or toes as my mum. When my sister was dying I was astonished when I looked at her fingers and toes to see they were like my mums. I was not aware that I even knew what my mums fingers looked like. None of my children have her fingers.

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